Michelle Buffkin, LMT, LE

Testimonial-  I have been receiving treatment in massage therapy from Michelle Buffkin for the  last 2 years and would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking pain relief, recovery from training and life, and increased mobility on anything concerning soft tissue.  I recently competed in a National Bench Press Competition and came in 2nd thanks to Michelle!!!  6 weeks prior to my recent competition I pinched a nerve in my left shoulder and went from barely being able to function with my left arm to hitting the best bench press I have done in competition in 4 years.  She's the best and you deserve the kind of treatment and relief she has to offer.  Thank you Michelle!!!!  James Townsend

Testimonial- I have been the recipient of a massage from Michelle Buffkin on numerous occasions and each and every time I was thoroughly pleased with the results. Whether it was for relaxation or a deep tissue massage it was always great.  She is concerned about the client and what they need or want to achieve from the massage.  She is professional and well trained in her field, keeping up on the latest techniques.  You leave the massage feeling like a new person! Thanks Michelle!... Judy U.

Testimonial-  I have been to see many massage therapists in my life, and 90% of the time I was completely satisfied.  That is until I went and saw Michelle... She is BY FAR the best massage therapist I have ever had! A part of me almost wishes I had never met her, because now that I don't live in the area and have to see someone else I will probably never enjoy another massage.  She has magic hands and can work out any and every kink you have.  Even if you aren't having any issues, she still gives an amazing massage just to help you relax!  I recommend her to everyone I know in Savannah, and antime I go back to visit I call her and try to make an appt.  I cannot say enough nice things about her!  She is such a sweet woman and will take great care of any client she has! You will never be disappointed going to see her!... Rebecca R.

Testimonial- I started seeing Michelle when I was pregnant.  I was eager to find a massage therapist who was knowledgeable about pregnancy massage and Michelle has more than exceeded my expectations.  She helped ease all the discomforts that come with so much strain being put on your body while pregnant, as well as, provided a place for me to just relax amongst the chaos of planning for a baby.  I am convinced I could not have survived this pregnancy with out her!  I just can't say enough positive things.  I love Michelle and highly recommend her... Jenny M.


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